CrossFit for Hope

The worldwide CrossFit community is powerful in its fitness, its empathy, and its reach. CrossFit for Hope is how we - CrossFit athletes, gym owners, and members - use that power to make the world a better place.

CrossFit for Hope is the official fundraising arm of the CrossFit Foundation. Every cent donated to CrossFit for Hope is delivered straight to the target recipient. All costs – including administration, accounting, branding, and promotion – are paid by CrossFit HQ. If it costs us thirty cents to raise a dollar, we cover the thirty cents.

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What is Hope for Cures? CrossFit, Inc. is committed to being a driving force in the fight against children's cancer and other illnesses. Our ability to make change is infinite; we're strong enough to tackle an opponent as large as cancer. As a worldwide leader in health, action toward cures is our responsibility.

What is Hope for Kenya? Hope for Kenya provides a unique opportunity. By providing educational opportunities and relief from hours of daily water cartage, CrossFit can help Kenyans take major strides away from subsistence farming and poverty. Schools and water cisterns can form the foundation upon which a less fragile life can be built. CrossFit can make a major difference for our neighbors on the other side of the planet.

What is Hope for Float? Hope for Float leverages the expertise of Infant Swim Resource to save childrens' lives. Each year, hundreds of families are devastated by the accidental death of a toddler in a swimming pool. Drowning can happen at home, at a beach, or even at a lifeguard-supervised facility. The most effective way to stop children from drowning is to teach them to save themselves. CrossFit supports ISR in their quest to stop infant drowning.

What is Hope for Brains? Hope for Brains will provide educational opportunities to those in need. These may include academic scholarships, cognitive training programs, and coaching for teachers and students. Hope for Brains will elevate learning for dozens of students, whatever their need, providing a better future for them and their families.

CrossFit for Hope:

...has a 100% flow-through rate, making it the most efficient way to help those in need. While most charities must use donated funds to cover staffing, administration, and promotion, all of these necessities are covered by CrossFit HQ. efficient. We identify partners poised to make an immediate and drastic difference in their area of expertise. For example, St. Jude Hospital, beneficiary of Hope for Cures 2013, is at the forefront of the fight against child-onset leukemia. You can read more on the Hope site. concerned with the long-term. It would be easier to apply patchwork solutions, like dropping food on a village in Kenya, than to build sustainable infrastructure. CrossFit, Inc. isn’t interested in the ‘easy’ answer. For example, in Hope for Kenya, we’re building schools and water cisterns to provide opportunities over generations. committed to the Sickness – Wellness – Fitness spectrum worldwide. The needs of our neighbors may include rescue as infants; education as children; guidance as teens; or, simply, a cure. No matter where anyone starts on the continuum, we are committed to moving them toward Fitness. powerful. With a worldwide community of over 7,000 affiliates, we have the leverage-and therefore the responsibility-to create change in a meaningful way.

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